About Us

Talented, Tenacious, Tireless — These are the pillars of the Insight Models team.

Tim Dwyer

With more than 15 years of model making experience, Tim Dwyer is the creative sparkplug of Insight Models; a professional model maker with a talent for making even the most mundane architectural models spring to life.

After directing one of Sydney's elite model-making firms, Tim took his talents overseas and began working to shape the Middle Eastern building boom from the ground up. Though he enjoyed 36-months of measured international success, Tim always knew his heart belonged to Sydney—Just three short years after saying “so-long” Tim Dwyer came home.

Tim's experience – both at home and abroad – has empowered him with a robust understanding of the industry. Few, if any, professionals know the model-making business as well as Tim, which is why he can create almost any model, for any budget.

From DA models, architectural models and marketing models to product prototyping and laser cutting, Tim can genuinely do it all. He knows exactly how a project should flow, which means he can invest his time with unparalleled efficiency.



Lucy Dwyer

If Tim is the creative lighting, Lucy is the booming thunder that follows.

Educated as a business administrator, Lucy drives Insight Models with her management expertise. A natural leader, Lucy has an intimate understanding of the oft overlooked nuances that can take a project from bust to boon in the blink of an eye.

But don’t think of her as a number-cruncher—Lucy works beautifully with her hands too. With over 5 years experience as a model maker to go with her 5 years experience managing business operations in the industry, Lucy has over a decade of professional knowledge!

Lucy’s tangible, hands-on experience makes her unique amongst her peers in administrative roles.

She is a seasoned veteran when it comes to using CAD programmes and her mastery in the use and maintenance of the company's most important piece of machinery – the laser cutter – makes her an absolutely indispensible asset to the Insight Models team.