Marketing Models

Used in display suites as a marketing tool, the marketing model is the pinnacle of model making. Often built at 1:100 scale, these full colour, full detail and often lit models are a great focal point for any new development.

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D A Models

Often a council requirement, Development Application models are traditionally built at 1:200 scale and are painted white with limited detail. They help the average person visualise a proposed concept.

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Varying from a small cog to a motorbike, prototypes take the raw concept and create something real. Most often used by industrial designers and engineers.

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Museum Pieces

These high quality models vary from clean, white models, conceptual timber pieces or even dioramas. Although of the same standard as the marketing model, they are more flexible in their accuracy as they often depict an existing object or a moment in time.

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Study Models

A foam or card model showing a very basic shape of a building still being designed. These models are often done in house by the architects themselves.

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Film and Media

As varied as the films themselves. Film models include basic background shapes to high quality props

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Laser Cutting

Used by budding jewellery designers to design students. Insight Models offers laser cutting services at a competitive price.

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